For those with Diabetes or who would just like to reduce the amount of sugar-intake in their diets, CMNY Cakes offers a low-sugar or even sugar-free version of almost any cake flavor.  We bake with what is known as "sugar-alcohol", which are much healthier than aspartame and the other artificial sweeteners available on the market.  Sugar alcohol is used in many low-sugar and sugar-free products, including many popular chewing gums.

Baking with sugar-alcohol is no easy task, as some of the leavening and moistening qualities of sugar are not present in sugar-alcohol. We have, however, perfected the recipe and confidently offer it alongside the rest of our "menu" of cake flavors.

While we can bake almost any cake flavor and in almost any shape in a low-sugar/sugar-free version, any cake fillings made with fruit will have natural sugars (sucrose), which can cause problems for those with Diabetes.   If this is the case, we suggest a buttercream based cake filling (for example chocolate- or vanilla-flavored), which can be made sugar-free.

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